Seems our world has centred around grass and livestock management the past weeks.

Screenshot 2017-01-28 15.29.56

Weather wise, we’ve been fortunate. While it’s not been a wet, wet season, showers have been frequent enough to keep grass growing and cattle doing well.


It’s been hot though, and the troops (riders & horses!) have taken a little persuading and encouragement on a few occasions.


Naturally enough, the other centre of our world has been the schoolroom.

This year we have four in the classroom. Lachlan is in Grade 6, Hamish Grade 4, Adelaide Grade 3 and Eliza is in her Prep year. Some days my head feels like it’s spinning!

The kids are happy though, and learning heaps, so we are all good.

Schoolroom Shot

While school routine is always quite sacred, 2017 has also been about stretching the boundaries and making the most of all that we have. Fair to say, this has made our days full and rich.

We hosted another lovely second year Vet student a few weeks ago for her beef placement.


¬†Claire embraced the days mustering on horseback, the cattle work in the yards, the shifting of cattle into fresh paddocks and also being one of the gang! We really do enjoy hosting the budding vets for their placements, it’s good to share.


We’ve also been fine tuning our presentation skills. It’s certainly a little daunting to be in front of rather than behind the camera. I’m a little afraid that the video this chap took of me doing squats will go to air ūüėČ


I’m still running full steam along with Joy’s Fitness Hub¬†and the Hub 4 Life program. It’s seriously changed the move, nourish and believe mindset for me. Both Joy and Stacey (of Cultivating Wellness) are so generous and encouraging with their time and knowledge.

For the month of March I’ve been challenged (within my Hub4Life membership) to double the amount of Chin Ups I can complete. It certainly was an eye opener doing the Pre Test to find my Benchmark.

It was a big fat 0. Disappointing, to say the least, but it is what it is!

So while double 0 is still 0, I’ve set myself a personal goal of achieving 2.

With a roadmap of exercises set out for me over the next 30 days, I’m focussed on the result.

Will keep you posted!!


So that is a quick summary of life from the verandah of late.

Hope your year is marching along and you too, have taken a little moment to smell the roses.

There’s good all around us, just don’t forget to look!






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