I spend a lot of time interpreting numbers and data (think budgets, grazing charts, weight gains, preg test results). 

Quite often I am told, it is all in the interpretation and today I know what they mean…

The kids were delighted to have a visit from the flying grandparents. On observing how excited the grandkids were to see them, Grandad offered to take “some” home for a couple of days but not before they checked the crab pots. 

Lachlan jumped at the chance, having his bag packed with essentials in 5 minutes flat, Hamish was also excited and Andrew had to be coaxed into the idea. (Gotta love him when he replied, after I said that it will be fun, “I’m having lots of fun at home”.) As they kissed me good-bye, Lachlan yelled, “See you in 3 weeks!”, Hamish said likewise and Andrew, with a pleading look, said “See you in 2 days…”

 With the pre-flight inspection…

…and baggage check-in complete

(note the in-flight entertainment for those with enough frequent flyer points!)

It was time to wave goodbye, and take off.

As you can imagine, Rob and I were excited! After all we were farming out 3 kids – what would we do with ourselves?? The “girls” were also excited as the carload of boots, hats, and bags drove out.

And this is when the numbers come into play – we had farmed out half our family and wondered what we would do with all our time until I considered that my family was still larger than the average of 2.4 kids…
I had 3 children at home, 2 of which were under 3 and I thought I was on holidays. As I said, data can be interpreted in many different lights!

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