Rob & I expected the early start although a few of us struggled to wake despite the overflowing Santa Sacks……..

 As we lay listening to the rumpling of paper, the “Andrew, wake up! Santa’s been”, the running feet barging into our room and the oohs & aahs when someone notices how little of the rum balls & milk Santa left, we realised that Christmas is truly magical at any age.

In prior Christmas planning we had a full buffet breakfast on the menu, but with so much anticipation surrounding the unwrapping of gifts we modified this to smoothies and toast. I now know why our predecessors enjoyed the eggnogs –  less washing up! 

Initially our present opening was constrained and orderly…….as the littlest people got the hang of it!

After opening her first present, to be strictly shared with older brother Lachlan, our cattle baron-ess proceeded to draft, process, preg-test & bang-tail her new cows, oblivious to the present opening chaos surrounding her.
There was also fascination with the boy’s Nerf guns – poor old barbie was relegated to the “later” pile.I was a little dismayed though, when she loaded her pretty threading beads into the gun to shoot a pretend feral pig from the verandah – I think Daddy may have scaffolded that lesson!

But at the end of the day, no matter how special Christmas day is,  your still just 2….

I have so many memories captured on camera today – thank-you Rob for our new lenses’ (a Canon & Sigma none the less) which mean I will now have my head buried in “how to” magazines and online photography courses. And of course, I have lots of beautiful subjects to practice on!!

As for Eliza, she really didn’t understand the fuss! 

She yawned……

and slept………….


It has been a truly memorable, special, relaxed day – Merry Christmas everyone xo

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