Seems that we’ve been on the go, go, go for the last few months.

Running here and running there ….

There has been a lot of sadness in our hearts of late, as we farewelled my Mum, suddenly and unexpectedly.

Her death has brought home the importance and value of family. I’m so fortunate to have this crew around me.

At Mum’s farewell, we played Ed Sheeran’s ‘Supermarket Flowers’.

She really was ‘an angel in the shape of my Mum’.

I’m so grateful for her encouragement, love, support, determination, work ethic and the legacy she has left behind.

May her influence flow through the generations to come.

So while Mum is no longer with us in body, I can certainly feel her presence and love in everything I do.

We’ve stayed on purpose, with health, school, business and pleasure.

Term 2 of our school year has been a lot about athletics, which means we’ve been talking a lot about doing our personal best.

I’ve loved watching the kids improve and while we’re not super fast, there’s been a lot of discussion about the race we run. The one that means we’re doing our best, striving to improve and showing great sportsmanship.

And of course, never forgetting the fun factor.


Around ‘Mystery Park’, the fencing repairs following Cyclone Debbie have kept us far from idle.

Our little helpers are much keener on mustering than rebuilding fences though.

Eliza has mastered Moonshine. A swift flick of the rein and a little tap, tap of the heel and they’re off. Trotting up and down the wing and across the tail.

She’s definitely a big kid now.

Adelaide has reclaimed Patriot into her stable of horses. That horse is a trooper!

Lachlan and Nacho have also been a formidable team.

He and Hamish are often spending the early hours of the day and late afternoons in the saddle or down at the yards with the weaners.

The girls are no different.

Seems my time in the saddle has been limited lately, but I’m certainly loving my new steed, Hank.

He’s clever, cowy, reliable and honest. All that a girl wants in a horse.

Season wise, we’ve been fortunate to have a warm and wet May.

As I type now, there’s drizzle on the roof. A lovely way to go into July.

Grass budgeting has been completed and grazing plans set for the non growing season.


School holidays are upon us – have I ever mentioned how I love the changed routine?

Not to mention, having Andrew home from boarding school.

To summarise, the universe has delivered the unexpected.

The reasons are unknown.

One thing for certain, it’s sure made me count all the blessings around us.


There are 15 comments on this article:

  • On 29/06/2017 Liz Howland said:

    Dearest Ainsley, think of ur family with love and lift u up each day in prayer asking for God’s comfort, wisdom and strength be upon u all. What amazing progress u’ve made these last months! Ur Mum would b so very proud. U r one exemplary young women who I’d love to get to know better. Wondering who got to take the Grief Book home and if they’d been shared around. I KNOW it will help u to help each other. I am available for a chat any time, love and respect u all heaps. How’s Dad doing? With love, Liz

  • On 22/07/2017 said:

    Lovely to hear from you Liz. Dad is going well, naturally there is a lot of ups and downs. Family is such a special thing and that has helped all of us xx

  • On 29/06/2017 Barb Wicks said:


  • On 29/06/2017 Sharon said:

    beautifully written Ainsley, mum certainly will be watching over her herd with such pride.
    Love to all xoxo

  • On 29/06/2017 Christine said:

    A lovely, sensitive account of your family life lately Ainsley. We never know what lies ahead and the challenges we have to face. I was so sorry to hear of your Mum’s passing, but as you said, you feel her presence around you each day, encouraging you all and giving you strength for making those all-important decisions.

  • On 22/07/2017 said:

    Thanks Christine. We really never know what is around the corner xx

  • On 29/06/2017 Vicky said:

    Love your blogs ❤️️❤️️

  • On 29/06/2017 Fleur said:

    Thanks for sharing your life in such a lovely way. A tough time with highs and lows and everyday life in between. My thoughts and sympathies are with you all as you find your new normal and ways to keep your Mum around you. Luckily you live in the perfect place to do just that with a gorgeous family as her legacy.

  • On 30/06/2017 Dyan Hughes said:

    An interesting read Ainslie, and fabulous tribute to your wonderful mother. Loved the photos and the words crafted to go with them. This is a gift to your children and future generations as you chronicle their lives.

  • On 22/07/2017 said:

    Thanks Dyan x

  • On 1/07/2017 Alice said:

    Beautiful Ainsley . Xxxxx

  • On 4/07/2017 Ruth Chapman said:

    Hi Ainsley, I have been following your blog for what seems like ages, loving watching your family grow and mature. I am a grandmother, and am grateful for the next generation in my family. Please accept the condolences of a stranger, at the loss of your Mother. Such a difficult thing to say goodbye. Thank you for sharing your family, Mystery Park, the horses, the amazing country, and your own words with us all, Ruth Chapman

  • On 22/07/2017 said:

    Thanks so much Ruth, for your kind words x

  • On 11/07/2017 Erin said:

    Oh you are in our thoughts and prayers xxx

  • On 22/07/2017 said:

    Thanks Erin x

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